Texas Online Business Directory 


Texas BD (http://www.texasbd.com) is the premier online business directory for local businesses and service providers in the US state of Texas. For the past 5 years, our online business directory has become a popular destination for Texans who are looking for products and services online.


We provide FREE online listings for companies, small businesses, pet shop owners, plumbers, and travel agencies in Texas that want online presence for their products or services. Even the large and multi-national firms in the state have availed of our free listing because of the benefits they can get from Texasbd.com


Texas’ Most Popular Online Business Directory 


Since the launching of Texasbd.com, the online directory has proven to be beneficial for businesses owners who want to tap into the vast market offered by the World Wide Web.  More than 1,000 businesses are now listed in the directory and the list continues to grow as more online consumers go to Texasbd.com to find the right local businesses and service providers for their needs.


We have been asked why we do not charge any dollar for online listings considering that we have grown to become one of the top business directories in Texas. Our answer has always been clear and simple – we want local businesses to have the online presence that they deserve. We know how important an online presence is because the people behind Texasbd.com are local business owners too!


The Texas BD Advantage 


Each business owner or service providers who want to be listed in our directory will get the maximum online presence they can’t get from other online directories. Our listing includes the following important details:


           - Business name and address

           - Telephone and mobile phone numbers

           - Email and website address

           - Business category

           - A Google map of the location

           - FREE one-page website to promote the business


These are thousands of dollars’ worth of online marketing and promotions that we are giving cost-free to local businesses in Texas.


About Texas 


Texas, the second largest state in the US, is nicknamed the Lone Star State, a reminder that the state used to be a former independent republic that struggled to be free from the control of Mexico. From its reputation as a desert area, Texas has become one of the most populous in all of America and one of the most business-friendly states in the country.


It also has the second highest gross state product in the US at $1.207 trillion as of 2010. The figure is almost the same as the gross domestic product of Canada or India.


In 2010, the total number of businesses in Texas was 1,934,472, according to the Small Business Administration\'s profile of small businesses. Small businesses represent 98.7% of all the employers of the state, employing 4.1 million people in 2010.


Small businesses continue to flourish in this state because of several factors - low taxes, fair legal system, skilled manpower, infrastructure, quality of life, and geographic location, among others. The local state government even established agencies that look after the welfare of local small businesses that are the lifeblood of Texas’ economy.


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