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Kids and Family Dentists in Pharr, Texas Our Pharr location serves Pharr, San Juan, Alamo, Edinburg, Hidalgo, Donna, and some areas of McAllen. The clinic has eight treatment rooms, four exam rooms, one orthodontic bay, and one sterile room. Comprehensive Family Dentists in Pharr The clinic is staffed by doctors Adam, Bartolo, Emily, Victory and Matthew (General Dentists), Dr. Dugoni and Dr. Martin (Orthodontists), Dr. Mansour (Implants), Dr. Ortiz (Endodontist), Dr. Louviere (Pediatric Dentists), and Dr. Hahn (General Dentist). Services include: • Orthodontics • Pediatric Dentistry • Implants • Emergency Dental Care • Cosmetic Dentistry • General Dentistry • Endodontics Bringing Dentistry to the Entire Pharr Community Rodeo Dental is committed to providing ongoing educational and community programming to positively impact Pharr and surrounding towns. This location’s outreach programs reach kids in surrounding ISDs (Valley View, McAllen, Hidalgo, Donna) as well as PSJA and IDEA. Great Patient Outcomes At Rodeo, Patient Experience sets us apart, and Great Patient Outcomes are always top of mind. With all dental specialities under the Rodeo roof, we are ready to fulfill all of your dental care needs! Rodeo treats every patient interaction as an opportunity to build trust, have fun, and make remarkable memories that will last a lifetime. Lowest Dental Care Prices Rodeo boasts a unique business model that combines a high-end patient experience with the lowest prices in the dental industry. Yes – it’s magic! Come peek in our office the next time you’re driving down Spencer Highway and see for yourself! Parent’s Rule at Rodeo Where kids are concerned, Parents have a voice at Rodeo! Our dentists will perform an exam, and if needed present treatment options and answer any question or concerns. The Parent decides which option, if any, he or she is most comfortable with. No pressure, no anxiety, no fear. Give us a call and join thousands of other happy parents and patients who leave Rodeo with beautiful smiles, positive attitudes, and memories of what a visit to the dentist ought to be like!


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